Shinamis Card Shoppe

These are my card sales! My non card sales are available here!

For pricing:

Commons are $0.10 each, Uncommons are at $0.25 each, and Rares at $0.50 each, with any exceptions being noted below the image. Cards are sorted by region and by rarity.

Shipping will be free for only a few cards (if I can fit them in an envelope), and still pretty cheap even for a lot in a bubble mailer. Buy a decent amount and I will probably give a discount!

PLEASE NOTE my camera is absolute garbage with a non functioning focus and poor color control. If you need more pictures ir any clarification feel free to ask! Even if you can't tell the condition of a card (nearly all are near mint) I will of course be sure to mention the card's condition if it's less than near mint.

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Dragon Knightssss

I got a bunch of Dragon Knights goods from FromJapan! Too much pretty art! @u@ This is for showing my few friends who care and anyone else who wants to see I suppose.


Some pencil boards, a clearfile, and whoa a calendar! The calendar is a bit beat up but the art inside is still in perfect condition and it's from 1995 dang! Ahahah why does Dragon Knights have all this merch??? I even saw stamps of the main characters' faces on Y!J, so strange but awesome!


My two favorite pages from the calendar, the August page is so cute and the two page spread is so pretty!


I thought the first thing was a pencil board, turns out to be a clipboard binder thing? It's been heavily used but its so cool! Second one is a minty notebook - the pages don't have any art so I'm going to keep it in plastic.


Finally, this is a pic from the listing, but I got this mini omnibus volume 1-3 manga that is signed by Mineko Ohkami herself!!! Ahhh so cool!

I'm a real person!

I should probably make a post here to show I'm a real/activeish person!

I'm Shinami, and I've been stalking the Pkmncollectors group for a few weeks and hope to join soon, will probably do tonight. Very nervous to compare my tiny collection to all these Pokemon product pros, but they look so friendly!