February 13th, 2016

Shinamis Card Shoppe

These are my card sales! My non card sales are available here!

For pricing:

Commons are $0.10 each, Uncommons are at $0.25 each, and Rares at $0.50 each, with any exceptions being noted below the image. Cards are sorted by region and by rarity.

Shipping will be free for only a few cards (if I can fit them in an envelope), and still pretty cheap even for a lot in a bubble mailer. Buy a decent amount and I will probably give a discount!

PLEASE NOTE my camera is absolute garbage with a non functioning focus and poor color control. If you need more pictures ir any clarification feel free to ask! Even if you can't tell the condition of a card (nearly all are near mint) I will of course be sure to mention the card's condition if it's less than near mint.

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