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Shinamis Card Shoppe

These are my card sales! My non card sales are available here!

For pricing:

Commons are $0.10 each, Uncommons are at $0.25 each, and Rares at $0.50 each, with any exceptions being noted below the image. Cards are sorted by region and by rarity.

Shipping will be free for only a few cards (if I can fit them in an envelope), and still pretty cheap even for a lot in a bubble mailer. Buy a decent amount and I will probably give a discount!

PLEASE NOTE my camera is absolute garbage with a non functioning focus and poor color control. If you need more pictures ir any clarification feel free to ask! Even if you can't tell the condition of a card (nearly all are near mint) I will of course be sure to mention the card's condition if it's less than near mint.

Sales Rules
I was granted sales permission on March 20, 2015 by areica96.
My feedback:
I always leave feedback, so please do in return! If there is a problem please contact me before leaving negative feedback so we can figure out something.
All Pkmncollector rules apply.

I will not sell to banned members or non-members.
Neutral/Negative feedback may be left for backing out of sales! Please do not do this.

-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or fees unless stated
-Feel free to haggle but don't be insulted if I turn down your offer
-Bolded items are on hold, crossed out items have been sold
-My home is smoke-free but I do have two hypoallergenic (non-shedding) dogs
-More pictures can be provided if asked but I do work a full time job until late and may be slow getting back to you

-I ship from Ohio, USA and only ship in the USA, sorry
-Cards can be shipped either in envelopes if a small amount or in bubble mailers, protection of course being provided. If you do choose the envelope option there is a chance it can get lost in the mail (it has happened to me) and if so I take no responsibility for that.
-I default to bubble mailers and First Class, unless a box is needed
-If you want to make any other kind of shipping arrangements please ask

-I accept PayPal only in USD
-Payment is due within 24 hours of sales confirmation unless other arrangements were made
-Please write your LJ username and what you bought in the note when paying
-I do accept trades or partial trades, I collect Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist, Banette, Sceptile, Mawile, Clefairy/Cleffa, Audino, and Chatot

-Please be clear when asking for a quote; if you just say ”This item to 45236” then I will assume you are committed. A quote will grant you a hold for 24 hours. Asking about shipping will be considered a quote.
-If you are committed but need some time I am willing to do holds. This differs from case to case so please ask.
-Comments only, do not PM me to claim items as that is unfair to others

My rules are pretty concise, I hope you read them!

Specials, Foreign Cards, etc

M Glalie EX $6
M Latios EX $5
Hydreigon EX $2
Reshiram EX Promo $4
Reshiram FA $1
Giratina Lv.X Promo $5
Hydreigon EX FA $3
Drowzee and Mew - Free!

Erika's Venusaur $6 (Second played one) $3
German? Golduck $0.25
Furret, Marill, Ledian $0.25
Dutch Machamp (Played) $0.50

Kanto - Commons - $0.10 each

Kanto - Uncommons - $0.25 each

Slowbro $0.50
Dark Dragonair $0.50
Light Flareon (Played) $1.50

Eevee $0.50
Light Venomoth $0.50

Kanto - Rare - $0.50 each

Dark Blastoise $1
Electabuzz $1
Dark Dragonite $1
Dark Dragonite Holo (Lightly played) $6
Dragonair $1
Zapdos (Played, some scratches) $3
Vaporeon $3
Kangaskhan Holo (Some scratches) - Still just $0.50 but as a note this is indeed a genuine card; some early prints of Kangaskhan did not have the proper series symbol

Dark Machamp Holo $2

Johto - Commons - $0.10 each

Johto - Uncommons - $0.25 each

Reverse Holos (Flaafy, Wobbuffet) $0.35

Johto - Rares - $0.50 each

Ampharos $2
Reverse Holo Meganium $1
Umbreon Reverse Holo (Played) $2

Hoenn - Commons - $0.10 each

Hoenn - Uncommons - $0.25 each

Hoenn - Rares - $0.50 each

Flygon Holo $1

Claydol Reverse Holo $1
Blaziken Holo $2
Sceptile Holo $3

Sinnoh - Commons - $0.10 each

Happiny Holo $0.25

Sinnoh - Uncommons - $0.25 each

Sinnoh - Rares - $0.50 each

Unova - Commons - $0.10 each

Unfezant (accident, missorted) Rare $0.50

Tynamo Reverse Holo $0.25

Unova - Uncommons - $0.25 each

Unova - Rares - $0.50 each

Zoroark Holo $1
Gothitelles (Misplaced) Uncommons $0.25 each

Kalos - Commons - $0.10

Inkay Reverse Holo $0.25

Clauncher, Dedenne Reverse Holos $0.25

Kalos - Uncommons - $0.25 each

Kalos - Rare - $0.50 each

Greninja Holo Promo $15? Price is fluctuating insanely???
(Some listings selling for close to $30 on Ebay, wat, feel free to offer?)
Meowstic Holo Promo $3
Pangoro Holo Promo $2
Gourgeist Japanese Holo $2

Energies - $0.10 each

Lightning Energy Holo $2

Plasma Energy Reverse Holo $0.25

Trainers, please take them! $0.10 each, BUY 5 GET 1 FREE! Reverse Holo ones are $0.20 and count as two cards towards the deal.

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